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What is a vacation?

A vacation is the purchase of memories.
Vacation is what we remember in the middle of winter, when the sky is grey, when the weather is cold, when our job is getting us down. It is what we use to recharge our bateries. It may even be the meaning of life!
Many of us have the photos of our past vacations on our desktop or even, some that still believe in hard copy photos, on the desk.
Look around you. Look at your colleagues desks. We all have them.
Some people post date e-greeting cards to themselves and they receive them throughout the winter. It is a way to put a smile on our face. The memory of warm sunrays, soft breezes, a place where there are no phones, no emails to answer, no bills, no commute.
Vacation is where we go to become children again. To kick the sand and frolic in the warm sea.
The best way to preserve them is with a photo or better yet, a collection of photos that make up a story. Here are some tricks of the trade, courtesy of KODAK for taking photos during your vacation in Greece:

  • Recharge batteries & Carry the Charger
    Recharge your batteries or get fresh ones. Rechargeable batteries are more cost effective in the long run.
  • Pack a spare set of batteries
  • Check Memory card
    Transfer or erase any old pictures on it. If the card has been used in other devices, it’s a good idea to reformat the card in the camera to make sure it’s ready to go.
  • Carry an extra Memory Card
    For vacations and special events where you’ll take lots of pictures and videos.
  • Bring along the AC adapter
    If you are working near an outlet, you can plug in when your batteries run low and recharge your spare set. Or, if you have one, bring your Printer Dock. You'll be able to make prints and recharge your camera's battery on the spot.
  • Make sure everything works
    Put the batteries and memory card in your camera to check that everything works.
  • Clean your lens
    Use a soft damp cotton cloth or specialty lens cleaner and bring the lens cleaner with you.
  • Plan ahead – bring accessories
    • Do you need a tripod, gorillapod, or monopod to steady the camera for action shots? They’re small and light weight and easy to travel with.
    • Should you bring a sun shield (like a hat with bill) to reduce flare if shooting into the sun?
    • Be prepared for the weather: Carry a plastic bag to keep the water or sand away.
  • Planning a vacation?
    Think about what pictures to take ahead of time so you’re prepared to capture the whole story. Visit KODAK's Top 10 Tips for Photographing Vacations for more inspiration.
  • Check picture quality setting
    If you’re going to take lots of pictures consider setting the picture quality (picture size) on your camera to less than the maximum. This will help to conserve space on your memory card. The highest quality picture setting on many cameras (especially those with greater than 6 MP) is only needed when you are shooting a scene that you might want to print poster-size or that you are likely to need/want to crop.
  • Take a quick peek at your manual
    Check for specific information and suggestions for taking the pictures on your agenda. Find your camera manual or download it from
  • Carry a Notebook
    Jot down details that will help you tell your story better.
  • Carry a single-use camera
    Perfect for adventure trips like scuba diving or white water rafting where you may not want to carry your camera.
  • Arrange to back up or download pictures
    Check to see if there is a KODAK PICTURE Kiosk at the destination so you can print or back up your pictures on a KODAK Picture CD.
  • Collect everything and put it in your camera bag
    Use a list like this one to check off the items you pack in your camera bag That way you’ll make sure nothing gets left behind.
  • Check out KODAK's Top 10 Tips For Taking Better Pictures.
    Now that you have everything you need to take pictures, you’ll want to make sure they come out perfect.
  • Most important, have fun taking and sharing your pictures.
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